Bingo Vegas Review – A Virtual Vegas Game Room for iOS Devices (iOS 4.3 and Up)

Who says bingo is a game for the elderly? Not if you have a Bingo Vegas app installed in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device. Historically, bingo was originally a form of Italian lottery game and was introduced in the US during the Great Depression. It became so popular that toy manufacturers developed bingo into a board game, so families can play just for fun. Later on, Vegas casinos commercialized bingo by creating halls specifically for this purpose; while the advent of the Internet brought the online casino bingo games into homes. Today, mobile device applications have made it possible for everyone to experience casino-style bingo games purely for fun and recreation. In fact, it’s one of the most popular free Apple app being downloaded today.


Play Bingo the Vegas-Way

Bingo Vegas’ game mechanics is just like any other bingo session being played in the U.S. that uses a 5×5 card for a 75-ball game. The app starts by furnishing the player with some gold coins, gems and dollar bucks that a player can use for buying bingo cards and for betting. The card can be marked by simply tapping on the card number that matches the number generated by the application. The numbers called in an ongoing game are shown on the screen so a player can check the accuracy of his or her markings before tapping on the “Claim Bingo” button. To make sure if a bingo has been achieved, the different patterns are likewise being flashed on the screen.

Buying more than one bingo card can increase your chances of winning, while an iPhone5 would be the best device for viewing multiple cards because its 4-inch screen has a better display capacity. Now in case a player has zero winnings most of the time and his stash of dollar bucks is running out, he or she still has the chance to earn additional money. The gems can be used for betting in the slot machine; the more gems placed as bet, the more gold coins to spare and to use in buying power ups.

Power ups, on the other hand, will increase a player’s chances of winning. If you’re having a hard time keeping track of several cards, a useful power up is a daub or ink marker that will automatically light up the called numbers that appear in your bingo card. You can also use power ups to unlock a particular casino room so you can play in a room that pays more dollar bucks for a win, although the cost of one card is much higher.

A great way to enjoy the game is to play online with your family and friends. If you’ll be joining as a group, you can check out the board that shows how many bingo games are remaining in the virtual room, and how many players are in it. Now you can make your traditional family gatherings livelier, by taking your bingo games to a whole new level. Family members using iOS devices running on version 4.3 or up can easily add the Bingo Vegas application, since it’s an Apple app that they can download for free.


Babysitting For Android

Do you have a child that enjoys babysitting or would like to learn how?  Would you like a way to help teach your current babysitter of the best ways to take care of your children?  Any time you leave your kids in the hands of a caretaker, you may feel nervous about the care they receive.  This app is a fun new way to teach kids the correct things to do when babysitting while giving them the feeling of playing a game.  Players learn essential steps to caring for children while also completing tasks and levels that award them points in the game.


The object of the game is to keep the children happy until the parents get home.  In order to do this, the needs of all the children must be met.  Players can take their cues from the children in order to determine what things they need to be kept happy.  Below are some examples of tasks the babysitter may be asked to perform:

  • feeding a baby
  • changing a diaper
  • putting the kids to bed
  • turning on the TV
  • playing a game with the kids


These are just a few examples of the many options available to keep the kids happy and content until their parents return home and ensuring that the babysitter completes her job the right way.  In order to complete the game successfully, the parents must be happy with the job the babysitter has done and the kids must be under control!


In the app, the babysitter must move quickly and ensure that the needs of all the children are met within a certain amount of time.  He or she must hurry in order to avoid making the children cry!  Each child will have a bubble listing their problem, and the babysitter must do some creative thinking of her own to come up with a possible solution.


Using this app is a great way to teach young adults the benefits and responsibilities associated with babysitting.  Teaching them how to earn money while taking care of the neighbor’s children is a central aspect of this game.  Your kids will not just be wasting time when they are playing games – they will be learning essential skills necessary to take care of children they are watching, and also learning how to earn their own money.


This app requires version 1.6 of Android or newer.  Previous customers have given this app a 4 out of 5 star rating.  If your child enjoys babysitting and wants to improve their skills, this is a great app to help them learn valuable information.






Tiny Flashlight Android App Review

Now your Android phone can be more than a phone!  Tiny Flashlight for Android gives you a way to turn your phone into a flashlight with a couple of taps on your screen.  Using your phone to help light a dark hallway, or to find your keys has become very popular over the last few years.  But with Tiny Flashlight Android, you can really reap the benefits of having a powerful light source without needing to purchase a thing.

The light emitted from your phone with the help of Tiny Flashlight is designed to be very bright.  In fact, the camera flashlight provided by the app is one of the brightest available, and can light your way in total darkness.

A Variety Of Light Features

Utilizing your Android’s camera flash is not all that this app can do.  You can also use your screen in a variety of different ways.  The basic screen light transforms the entire screen of your Android device into a brightly glowing flashlight.  This proves to be exceptionally handy for users that don’t have camera flash on their phone, or are trying to preserve battery life.

You can also select a color flashlight that can be customized by sliding the picture to affect the hue and brightness.  A strobe light, warning lights, and even morse code are also available with Tiny Flashlight and can all be very useful in a number of different circumstances.

What if you don’t know morse code?  Tiny Flashlight Android has got you covered!  The morse code light can be used manually, or you can use the text-to-morse feature which will translate your entered text into clear morse patterns that can be repeated as needed.  If you regularly enjoy outdoor adventures, this particular feature could prove to be very useful if you encounter a problem or are injured.


Obviously, there are some real benefits to adding Tiny Flashlight to your set of Android apps.  It’s designed to be reliable, effective, and useful, without confusing users or demanding a bunch of money.  You don’t have to worry about forgetting it, because as long as you have your phone with you, you’ll have Tiny Flashlight.

You never know when your power is going to go out, or you’ll be stuck outdoors.  Having the different warning and communicative lights that Tiny Flashlight provides could make a big difference in the right situation.

About This App

Tiny Flashlight Android is easily worth 4 stars, and current users agree.  It is not age sensitive due to any questionable content, and is completely free to download.

Size, version, and system requirements will vary by device.


Fruit Ninja Free For Android

The original fruit slicing game, Fruit Ninja, is now available on Android!  This smash hit has taken the world by storm and promises to provide you with lasting entertainment on your phone.  It’s a non-violent (unless you’re an apple, kiwi, or watermelon) action game that lets you unleash your full Ninja potential on fruit that is launched into view and challenges you to make it to the top of the charts.

As you play, you are sure to be thrilled with the vibrant colors, and realistic animation that brings a feeling of authenticity as you slice your way through flying fruit.  This app has been designed to be easy to navigate, so you can spend more time slicing and dicing, and less time figuring out how to find things.

Gaming Modes:

With three modes to choose from, the gameplay of Fruit Ninja keeps users coming back for more.  Of course, Classic and Zen modes are included in this app, but the new Arcade mode has introduce a whole new challenge for your ninja skills.  This previously elusive “banana mode” introduces a variety of power-ups that offer a whole new dynamic to your gaming experience.  By slicing the bananas that activate one of the three power-ups you can quickly send your score straight through the roof!

Of course, Fruit Ninja still incorporates a bonus for slicing multiple pieces of fruit in a single, slicing move and  critical hits will further boost your score.  In some of the modes, you’ll be forced to watch out for those tricky bombs, and be extra careful not to let a single piece of fruit evade your blades in order to beat your friends’ high scores.  Fruit Ninja is the type of game that provides an experience that can be played over and over again for the ultimate gaming enjoyment.

Choose From Numerous Styles:

Fruit Ninja offers a section called “Dojo” which provides users with a variety of backgrounds and visually pleasing blades which must be earned.  As your ninja skills improve, you’ll be able to make your fruit slicing experience more unique and unlock a number of achievements that will make you the envy of all of your fellow fruit ninjas.  The online leaderboards, which operate through Openfeint, keep the competition rich with current scores and records that are just begging to be beat!

Other Info:

Fruit Ninja on Android (version requires Android 2.1 and up.  It’s an arcade/action game that has received a “low maturity” rating, because you’re mercilessly slicing up a variety of fruits.  So, your kids should have no trouble enjoying this app as well, IF they ever get a turn to hone their ninja skills.

The Fruit Ninja app is free, and readily available for user download from most app sites