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Name: Wikitude Mobile App


Wikitude application of Android mobile devices is considered to be the most comprehensive and innovative travel guide application in mobile devices today. With this mobile app, you can see the world along with overlaid Wikipedia and Qype content, which is more useful and helpful for travelers. This application is an augmented-reality for daily use where you can be able to see interesting stories, landmark descriptions, mountain names, and annotated landscapes.

Wikitude is a handy app in Android devices that you can bring along when planning for a trip or travel. This mobile app will definitely be a great help in finding suitable landmarks in the surroundings of your destinations. It carries more than 350,000 points of interests that can be searched through its GPS list, cam, and map views. These interests can be searched accordingly to address.


User Interaction:

Wikitude app can run on Android mobile devices seamlessly. It is very easy to use as well. You just simply point the camera of your Android device at the surrounding of the place and it will automatically display the augmented reality version of it on the screen. The reality version is usually complete with information directly from Wikipedia about the landmarks or buildings that you can see.
User Interface:

The searching method in points of interests in Wikitude application is usually based on the current GPS address and location. Since there are more than 350,000 points of interests worldwide, two search options were provided by the application. The first option is by Simple Search where users are allowed to initiate a search by pressing the Start Search button. The second option is by Advanced Search that allows users to provide additional search options such as keywords, distance, and category.

The search results in Wikitude app are displayed on a map or list as orange dots. It is usually in satellite or normal mode. A short description is displayed next to the selected point of interest that is usually in bubble form. Furthermore, search results can be viewed on the camera screen of the Android device. This feature is truly compelling since users can hold the phone camera against the spectacular views and view the heights and names displayed as overlay. With this feature, users can also take a look out of an airplane window and see what is down there. Users may walk through various cities in the world while holding the phone camera as Wikitude application provides information about it.

Utility and Productivity:

Wikitude is a location software for Android devices. With this app, it populates a map with highlights for Wikipedia entries about the areas you would like to focus or your existing GPS location. The entries may range from the basic cities to more interesting tourists spots.
Once you have entered information about your location or place you want to focus on, Wikitude application may return a lot of nearby entries. Some of these entries may actually include some photos that are geo-tagged through panorama. Through this, there is a great chance that you will find a more interesting kind of place.

For every open entry in Wikitude app, you are presented with a format that is based on Wikipedia information. This information is very easy to read since it is distributed evenly on the screen, thus you do not need to scroll around in every line. If you intend any of the links in the Wikipedia articles, the web browser will automatically launch it.
Rating:   Wikitude application is tagged as an “augmented reality”. It is one of the great applications in Android mobilization!

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