Blackberry Mobile Wallet App Review

Any software review site worth its salt should definitely profile up and coming pieces of software in order to let you know what might be hitting the market in regards to future trends. The present is important, but so too is interpreting the present in order to understand the future. And that is where the Blackberry Wallet app comes in.

User Interface

The user interface for Blackberry Wallet mobile application is extremely easy to understand. It is simply a matter of entering information into the first half of interface screens and then reading that information from the second half of interface screens.

User Interaction

Interacting with Blackberry Wallet apps is like interacting with PayPal or any other online electronic wallet. It is a bit more extensive in terms of information storage, but that doesn’t change the fact that even now before seeing it you probably already know how to use Blackberry Wallet.

Utility and Productivity

The Blackberry Wallet is an attempt by Research In Motion (RIM), the creators of the blackberry, to create an electronic wallet that you can use to replace the physical one that you carry around. As such, the Blackberry Wallet is designed to carry information regarding your financial transactions as well as information about your Blackberry payment systems, your credit cards and everything else. You can protect the information with one password and you can shop instantaneously on the go at any online retailer that will actually accept the transactions made by this particular wallet software.

At the current moment in time, the RIM Blackberry Wallet software is not accepted by that many online retailers, but the list is growing with the passage of time. Eventually, it is not difficult to imagine this form of shopping taking over from just about everything else that is available at the current moment in time. The Blackberry Wallet, in that sense, is definitely a very useful piece of software.

Final Score Blackberry Wallet Apps 

In the end, the best thing that can be said about the Blackberry Wallet is that it lacks the market presence of other forms of online payment. As of right now, it is better thought of as a work in progress rather than a finished product. As soon as RIM develops enough online partnerships however, the Blackberry Wallet will develop excellent usability overnight. As of right now, our final score for Blackberry Wallet apps is 7.0 out of 10, but this is definitely one software package that you should keep a close eye on over the course of time.

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