Call Timer Apps Freeware for the Blackberry

In order to create an overall theme of excellence in the way in which you use your Blackberry mobile, specialty apps are often going to be a good idea. Call Timer is a perfect example of a highly specialized mobile app that will only do one thing for you. However, that one thing could be very important for you depending on the type of person that you are.

Call Timer User Interface

The interface for the Call Timer software does not really exist. All you have is one screen whereby you can activate and change the one setting that the Call Timer freeware program actually has. It is a very simple interface to deal with and one that does not really require any instruction at all.

Call Timer User Interaction

The same thing is true for the user interaction. There are only two ways in which you can truly interact with this software. The first is clicking a checkbox in order to activate the software. The second is in determining the intervals at which the phone will vibrate. Overall, the Call Timer interaction is easy and self-explanatory in nature.

Call Timer Utility and Productivity

The main use that you can get out of this software package is making sure that you don’t get charged for an extra minute from your cell phone company. The main idea behind the Call Timer freeware for the Blackberry is that you set a number of seconds to the minute for the phone to vibrate. Then, when you are in a call, it vibrates at those intervals. This means that if you set the phone to vibrate after 55 seconds, every time you had 5 seconds left to the minute, the phone would vibrate. In the end, this will allow you to time the ending of your calls so that you don’t lose any extra minutes from the plan. It is a great way to help you level the playing field against companies that charge by the minute rather than by the second.

Final Score For Call Timer Rating:

In the final reckoning, this freeware suffers from the same problem that most highly specialized apps have. It does its job very well, but the highly specialized nature of the app means that it can only do so much. It is not useful across many areas or even across one area entirely, so it cannot receive a really high mark. In the end, we score this free Call Timer Blackberry mobile apps 7.9 out of 10.

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