eOffice App – BlackBerry Review

Now BlackBerry users can benefit an entire suit of office applications through excellent eOffice mobile application. BlackBerry eOffice app provides everything you expect from an advanced office application program. The eOffice mob app combines a set of Microsoft office compatible applications.

An Integrated Suit of Office Applications

BlackBerry eOffice mobile application is perfectly a wireless document management system with great features. With this innovative app, you can efficiently manage your Word documents and Excel sheets in the way you like. You can easily create files, edit files and access files and more using this sophisticated application. You can also download email attachments directly to your BlackBerry phone. eOffice app for BlackBerry also provides the facility to view PDFs and Power Point files. The robust main menu features in this application are eWord, eCell, eFile, eSpell, eZcase and eWorks.

Experience the Most Advanced Office Features

Using eWord function, you can create and edit documents, with all formatting features such as change fonts, styles, sizes and insert bullets, change paragraph styles and more. eCell provides all main Microsoft Excel functions such as view, create and edit spreadsheets; use scientific and mathematic formulas, graphs, charts as well as includes a wide range of built-in functions. eSpell provides the unique, structured spell-checker that enables to create a completely error-free document and e-mail. This function allows you to integrate your personalized dictionaries and it works in a wide array of languages.

You can benefit the safe and secure data storage facility – eZcase with eOffice professional edition mob app. You can import data from other programs and securely store data and e-mail attachments. Different types of files can be easily managed and add new programs and applications are easy through eFile function. In addition eOffice mob app provides highly optimized file viewing experience that enables you to quickly search through the files.

The Best Office Applications for your BlackBerry

eOffice smart phone app brings an excellent interface for BlackBerry mobile professionals. The menu options are visibly labeled and you can easily go through them using various controls. You can quickly create new word documents and Excel spread sheets. The newest version eOffice provides access to web-based applications including Google Docs. eOffice mobile apps for BlackBerry also provides the facility to access documents directly from your PC. With eOffice app for BlackBerry you can enjoy the advantage of taking the office with you.

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