Free Dictionary Org App for Android Mobile

Word definitions are not the most useful functions in the world, but nevertheless they do provide an impressive array of uses in the average world today. For example, a person might be typing up a report or writing it freehand and then determine that they would like to look up the spelling or meaning of a particular word. Free Dictionary Org is a free app for Google Android that can do exactly that for you.

User Interface

The interface of Free Dictionary Org apps for Android is an interface that is very simple in orientation. With a white background and black text, all it does is allow you to read through the results of the words that you have looked up. In many ways, it is reminiscent of a Word document except with the difference that you are reading through information rather than typing that information up yourself.

User Interaction

The main interaction that people have to go through when it comes to Free Dictionary Org application is simply typing in the word and then looking through a list of possibilities once the word has been entered. There is no learning curve to learning how to do this for anyone that has used the Google search function before. This program operates under a mode of interaction that is almost identical to a standard internet search.

Utility and Productivity

As mentioned in the overview, the ability to look up a word and discern the meaning or meanings of the word is not the most useful function ever created. However, it is by no means a completely useless function either. It is something that you can use when you are out having a good time with friends and it is something that you can use for your own advancement when you are at home dealing with your own work. Think of it as the modern electronic equivalent of keeping a dictionary and a thesaurus right next to you when you work on your writing, except this dictionary and thesaurus combination is completely free to use as long as your Android is connected to the internet.

Final Score Free Dictionary Org 

There are better and more useful software programs out there. However, Free Dictionary Org app for Android allows you to do one thing and to do that one thing very well. For this reason, we’ve awarded Free Dictionary Org app for Google Android a score of 8.0 out of 10 in this review.

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