Gas Cubby Apps for the Apple iPhone

The main thing for you to realize when it comes to the Apple iPhone is how diverse it can be. It can do so many things for you with the appropriate apps. A good example of that is Gas Cubby, an Apple iPhone application that can help you generate extremely accurate statistics regarding the gas consumption of your car.

User Interface Gas Cubby

The interface for Gas Cubby apps is extremely easy to understand. There is the screen where you enter data, the screen where you look at the computed statistics and the screen that lets you graph some of the statistics so that you can see them visually. It is essentially like having a mini-spreadsheet that’ll do all the gas calculations for you automatically.

User Interaction Gas Cubby

Interacting with the Gas Cubby software is something that is also easily done on the Apple iPhone. All you need to do is use the keys on your phone to enter the information into the different fields and then scroll through all of the information, bringing up graphs for the various statistics that you’d like to examine visually.

Utility and Productivity

Gas Cubby is one extremely useful piece of software. Whenever you are pumping new gas, what you need to do is bring up the data entry screen and enter everything that it asks you to enter. Then, once the entry has been completed, you can take a look at all of the gas statistics that the software generates. In total there are more than 15 indicators that Gas Cubby keeps track of with relation to gas. It also can remember maintenance and oil change times and remind you when those need to take place as well. You can use this as your own personal assistant when it comes to tracking gasoline consumption and it can even export its data to formats that can be used with multiple spreadsheet programs.

Final Score Gas Cubby Rating:

The final score for the Gas Cubby apps for the Apple iPhone is based predominantly on the amazing usefulness of this software package. It only does one thing when you really think about it, but that one thing is extremely useful in nature. It is relevant to the lives of most people these days and that is why this particular application deserves a high score. In the end, we gave Gas Cubby Apple mobile iPhone apps a final score of 8.5 out of 10.

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