Stay Smart with SciCalc Apps for iPhone

It always seems to be the smaller applications that turn out to be the really valuable ones. That certainly does seem to be the case when it comes to SciCalc apps, an iPhone application that does not do that much in the grand scheme of things. It is a scientific calculator for the iPhone, but it does fill that role exceptionally well.

User Interface SciCalc

The main user interface when it comes to SciCalc apps for iPhone is the actual calculator itself. It is a calculator that appears with all kinds of buttons for you to press on the iPhone screen. Therefore, the interface is actually the same as you would expect from a normal calculator. The SciCalc interface tries to mimic a regular scientific calculator as closely as possible. Even though SciCalc is perhaps a bit too colourful for the average scientific calculator, it still does an exceedingly excellent job of making things work.

User Interaction SciCalc app

Interacting with SciCalc iPhone apps should be no different to you than interacting with any other calculator. The one main difference of course is that the buttons on SciCalc are not real. They are part of the multi-touch interface that exists within the iPhone and therefore do not have additional parts that can break like normal calculators. Aside from that, interaction proceeds in the same way that it would with a real calculator. You put in the numerical quantities and the functions, respecting the syntax of using a calculator along the way. If you have done things properly, the answer at the other end should be the correct calculation of whatever it was you inputted to begin with.

Utility and Productivity

If you are like most people, you find that a calculator will come in useful every now and then. The average calculators that come with mobile phones these days are decent, but they are not really that great. Not only is SciCalc loaded with every scientific and mathematical function that you could ever want on the run, but it is also far more user-friendly in allowing you to access those functions as well as in allowing you to run multiple calculations consecutively.

Final Score SciCalc App Rating:

SciCalc is not a broad-reaching app for the iPhone, but it is definitely a valuable one. With that in mind, we have given SciCalc apps for iPhone software package a final score of 8.0 out of 10. This is mostly in recognition of the good work done on this free iPhone app.

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