Keep Things Organized with ROVE Mobile File Manager app for BlackBerry

If you’re interested in a freeware solution for file managing, you need look no further than the ROVE Mobile File Manager app for BlackBerry. This handy little BlackBerry mobile software package does need quite a bit of work before it can truly be called a great piece of software, but even right now it has enough freeware functionality to be better than many other software packages that you’d have to pay for to do the same thing.

The ROVE Mobile File Manager BlackBerry app is good for managing any files that you might have on your system. This means that not only can you manage any of the files located inside the internal memory of the BlackBerry device that you own, but it also means that you can manage the files on any SD micro card that you might be using to supplement the internal memory that your BlackBerry brings to the table. For freeware, that is an impressive level of flexibility.

Another component of ROVE Mobile File Manager worth mentioning is its versatility. In addition to the normal file sharing functionality that was discussed above, this file manager can do two other things for you. The first is managing FTP files. This means that you can use your BlackBerry to edit websites by simply uploading and/or downloading the FTP files using this file manager software. The second is Windows file sharing. You can link your BlackBerry with Windows file sharing if you have this software package installed on the device and that allows you to completely integrate all of the computerized machines that you have.

The versatility of the ROVE Mobile File Manager in fact extends far beyond the file management arena. In addition to doing that, this BlackBerry app also comes with built in notepad functionality. That means that not only can you file manage for your websites through this software, but it also means that you can directly edit the HTML files through the use of the built in notepad that it has.

As you can see, the ROVE Mobile File Manager BlackBerry app already has quite an impressive resume when it comes to accomplishments. This would be impressive for paid software and it is absolutely out of this world for free software. There are some functionality and interface issues, but they are only going to be ironed out as time goes on. ROVE Mobile File Manager is a good software package with a bright future and in the next review it could very well improve on the 8.5 out of 10 we are giving it in this one.

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