Watch on Your Terms with the iPhone Video Converter App

Okay, so iPhone Video Converter is a bit of a generic name for an Apple iPhone app. Nevertheless, that is the name of this particular freeware package. Video Converter App for iPhone has some awesome functionality to it, although the drawback is that the interface and interaction with the software are both a little rough around the edges.

First we shall discuss the good news. The good news is that iPhone Video Converter app will take just about any often used video format and convert that format to MP4. Since many video converters will charge outrageous amounts for their usage, this is a very valuable piece of functionality for a freeware program to have.

As of the time of writing, the freeware iPhone Video Converter was able to convert the following file formats into MP4:

•    AVI
•    MPG
•    MPEG
•    MPE
•    WMV
•    ASF
•    MOV
•    QT
•    3GP
•    3G2
•    FLV
•    SWF

Additionally, you can use the free iPhone Video Converter to convert a movie in its entirety or alternatively take a section of the video and perform the conversion just on that section. In the user interface, this is known as “trimming” a video.

That is the good news. The bad news is that this freeware software had to give ground somewhere as most freeware apps do. The ground that is given is in the area of the interface and the area of the interaction. Neither of them are really great, but they are at least intuitive and therefore you’ll be able to work your way through them quite easily. The rough around the edges criticism is more about the look and feel in general rather than any specific user problems that were reported.

Most freeware apps for the iPhone have their significant good points and significant bad points. Reaching a final decision is all about weighing the two groups and seeing which one is dominant. In the case of the iPhone Video Converter free app, there can be no question that the good points are dominant in this case. A little roughness around the edges is easy to bear in exchange for a freeware program with the conversion capabilities outlined above.

At least, that is our opinion. We think iPhone Video Converter mobile app is a very useful software package. As a result, Video Converter iPhone app has received a final score in this review of 8.5 out of 10.

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