Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro BlackBerry App Review

Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro is a BlackBerry app that lets users set multiple alarms, to help stay in schedule. If you are such a type of person, who needs to be reminded of various daily appointments/schedules, perhaps you should consider installing Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro in your BlackBerry device. It is really useful.

How Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro Works?

In Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro, the timings can be set by accessing ‘Create’, and specifying the type of alarm, the frequency (whether daily, hourly, weekly, or on a fixed date), and the alarm sound. Users could choose between the three standard alarm sounds, or opt to set one of the songs saved in the MicroSD card as the alarm tone. The weekly alarm feature lets users specify the days of the week on which the particular notation should be given. Further, there are six volume settings, alongside the vibrate option.

Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro

For someone using the BlackBerry app for the first time, the user interface might appear a bit tricky. But once the user gets used to the various menus/functions, it becomes fairly easy to use. Also, it is advisable to switch on the alarm, after setting the time/frequency/sound etc. Like in other mobile phones, the alarms won’t activate until the attributes are saved.

BlackBerry Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro also claims that it can be used to fall asleep to music. We are leaving this aspect to the reader to find it out how it is been done.

Final Words

Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro is a decent BlackBerry app that lets users set multiple alarms. There are lots of options as far as setting an alarm is concerned, and it is also fairly easy to use with little bit of practice, not withstanding the difficult that one might encounter while operating the app for the first time. The fully functional version of Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro comes at a price tag of $8.49, from manufacturer’s web site, A trial version of Adorno! MultiAlarm Pro is also available for free, but with limited features. It is advisable that you, the user, first try out the trial version, before purchasing the licensed one. If you are a stickler of schedules/timings, you might need this app for sure.

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