Any Cut Android App Review

Any Cut is a simple yet useful mobile app that lets users create one-click shortcuts to all common tasks that they tend to access/use in their Google Android devices. So, whether it is composing text messages, checking calendar entries or tasks, or simply calling your spouse, the shortcuts for the same can be made on the home screen in a jiffy using Any Cut Android application.

How to use Android Any Cut App?

When you first load Any Cut Android app, you’ll find these options: Direct Call, Direct Text Message, Activity, and Make Your Own. Selecting any one of these will lead the user through a series of steps up to creating a shortcut for the option chosen.

For example, if you choose Direct Call/Direct Text Message, the app will lead you to the address book, from where you could select the name of the person you want, and Any Cut will place a shortcut to the said name/entry on the home screen. Later, when you click on the shortcut, Any Cut will make a call or compose a text message to the said person, depending upon what you’ve directed the Any Cut app to do.

Any Cut Android App

Further, the ‘Activity’ tab on Any Cut home screen, when selected, brings up the whole list of the applications and functions on your Android handset. Most of the apps in the phone are listed, some with its features displayed, even though some of the smaller ones are left out. In short, this option gives the users a wonderful ‘shortcut’ to all the apps/functions in the device. When a particular app/function is selected, Any Cut will place a shortcut of the same on the home screen, as described above.

In the ‘Make My Own’ tab, you could create shortcuts to virtually anything on the phone. But this requires some bit of coding knowledge. Else, stick to the ‘Activity’ tab to get your things done.

Usefulness of Any Cut Android App

For most users, the Direct Call and Direct Text Message of the Any Cut app would come handy as it eliminates the need to dig into the contacts repeatedly, to find out the name of the persons who are called/text-ed often. On the downside, unlike Windows OS, one can’t assign any logo/icon to the shortcuts created. Also, after creating a shortcut, it takes a while to startup. Save the few glitches, Any Cut is an excellent app that is worth having in your Android device. Verdict: A must have in your mobile phone.

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