Dog First Aid App for iPhone

Sources of information on First Aid for humans while the ambulance is on its way are well known. However, do you know what to do if something happens to your dog? The answer that most people would have is no because they honestly never think about that possibility coming up. That’s where an app like Dog First Aid iPhone app comes into play.

Information on dog emergencies

Although it is by no means an exhaustive resource, Dog First Aid app for iPhone can give you answers to questions that you might have about dog emergencies that are relatively common in occurrence. If you can get answers to these questions, there is every possibility that you can save a life or at least make your dog’s time easier while you are waiting for a vet to get on the case.

Stop gap measure only

The iPhone Dog First Aid app is only meant to be used as a stop gap measure. If you come across an emergency and you don’t have immediate access to other services, this is the app that you will want to use in order to get an idea on what to do to help your dog out.

Dog First Aid iPhone app

At first glance, this might seem like something that is a bit disappointing to some people. A lot of people expect a lot of things from iPhone apps and therefore one that is admitting that it will never be as good as a real vet might upset some people.

However, take a look at the larger picture. No iPhone mobile application can be a substitute for someone that has trained all their life to become a professional at what they do. That is why a veterinarian that can see your dog live and provide help on the spot is always going to be the best thing. In a market where self-promotion is everything, it takes a very brave and very honest organization to admit that about their app and we certainly applaud them for their honesty.

Final Score

Overall, the Dog First Aid iPhone app, despite the fact that it will never be anything more than a stop gap measure, can give you critical information that you can use in a first response that could save your dog’s life in an emergency. That is fantastic and because of that we’ve given Dog First Aid app for iPhone a final score of 9 out of 10.

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