Go Through the Entire Tournament with the ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup App for iPhone

The World Cup is easily the most watched sporting event in the history of world sporting events. The final game of the tournament is typically watched by more than half of the world’s population, more than tripling the typical viewership of the Superbowl, the second most watched single game in the world of sports. To commemorate this most important of sporting events, ESPN has released the ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup App for iPhone that can be your guide to the entire tournament as it takes place.

Start with the basics

Before you’ve even begun to watch the games, ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup iPhone App can help you see the entire bracket and therefore the context in which the tournament is being played. You can see the broadcast schedule for all of the games, profiles of all of the 32 nations participating in the tournament and even hear flavor sounds such as the national anthems for all competing nations. Read up on the history of the World Cup and take a look at the different venues that will be hosting the events. Finally, you can personalize the iPhone ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup App with colors and images from the nations you support and make your predictions for what you think will happen in the tournament.

ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup iPhone App

Keep up to date

Once you start following the tournament actively, ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup iPhone app will help you with live scores for the games as they are going on as well as full recaps of all of the games that have been completed. You can see highlights and you can also see the evolution of the group tables and the playoff brackets as they continue to get going. All of the information you need to become an expert on everything that happens during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is right there in this ESPN mobile application. When someone finally wins the tournament, you’ll be the first to know and can then compare all of the highlights against the earlier predictions that you made.

Final Score

Although you don’t necessarily need ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup iPhone app to enjoy the World Cup matches, it will certainly enhance your appreciation for them. The match tracking is really just icing on the cake as the real reason to get this app is for all the great information it has on the host nation, participating teams and venues at which the games are being played. Our final score for ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup app for iPhone is 8 out of 10.

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