Guess the Word with Sketch Online App for Android

Win, Lose or Draw was an impressively popular television series back in the day and ever since then it has spawned a whole series of different knock-off games for the board, computer, console and smart phone systems. Sketch Online is a game app for Android that is similar although there are some important differences to help make the game easy for everyone to play.

One player guesses the word

The object of the Sketch Online game is to get one player to look at the target word and then draw out that word using this Android app. When it is your turn to do the drawing, there really aren’t any rules to what you can draw. You of course can’t put different words down, but at the end of the day you can draw anything that you want in order to help the people that are guessing guess the actual word.

Sketch Online Android Game App

Everyone else guesses

The people that are guessing will likely have to wait a little bit while the other player draws the first part of the word. However, once things are in full swing it is possible for the players to enter in their guesses and try to see if they can correctly guess the name of the thing that the player is drawing. It is a challenging game though, so don’t think that it is easy to guess what people are drawing.

Easy living

Easy living is what Sketch Online Android app is all about. If you can get Sketch Online app onto your device, you’ll be able to take advantage of an easy layout that gets improved with each successive update. Rumors about bugs and crashes, while certainly true in previous versions, have been largely corrected as newer versions of this Android app have been released. Android Sketch Online game app as it currently exists is definitely an easy living title that can provide lots of entertainment for little time or money investment.

Final Score

Android users are definitely interested in making things easier for themselves and that is why they’ve gone with the Google product over the others. Therefore, any mobile application that can provide an even easier way of doing things will get recognition for it. Sketch Online app for Android is really not that much of a feat of software design however, so it cannot get full marks in comparison to other better and more complicated apps. The final score of Sketch Online Android app is 8 out of 10.

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