Save your life with DriveSafely App for BlackBerry

There are many parts of the world now where it is illegal to drive and text at the same time, but there are also parts of the world where it is not illegal and in those parts of the world it can still be a very dangerous thing to do. If you feel this way about it, DriveSafely BlackBerry App can help you do what you need to do.

Easy setup

Setting up DriveSafely app for BlackBerry is something that is very easy to do. You simply follow a standard download procedure with an easy installation and when the installation is over you have to make sure that you actually turn the app on in order to use it. If you forget to do that, the BlackBerry DriveSafely app won’t work in the way it is supposed to work.

DriveSafely App for BlackBerry

Safe driving skills continue

The main attraction that comes with DriveSafely free BlackBerry app is the fact that you can automatically get it to play any SMS message that comes in. It can also play any e-mail for you. It will allow you to play them on demand as well if you would prefer to do it that way and it allows you to set auto-response settings as well so that you have absolutely no excuse to reach for the phone when you are on the road.

Speech from text

Any BlackBerry app can really allow you to get a reply or a text message on the screen and you really won’t be better off than you were before. What makes DriveSafely app for BlackBerry so much better is the fact that it has the ability to take that text and read it out loud. Using a coded algorithm that has been provided by, you will quickly discover that the speech function on this BlackBerry app is one of the best ones out there.

Final Score

DriveSafely app for BlackBerry is not a huge app with lots of information and many innovative features. It has one main feature, but that one main feature is important enough that it could be a game changer and even maybe save your life one day because you’re able to avoid an accident that would’ve happened had you been texting or reading texts at the time. We appreciate both of those things and that is why DriveSafely BlackBerry app gets a final score of 8 out of 10 from us.

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