Have a low maintenance virtual pet with Talking Tom Cat App for Android

How often do you get the chance to have a pet that you can play with and adore, but not a pet that you have to clean up after or do anything else unpleasant with? The answer is not often, but by the same token it is really the miracle of the modern smart phone that makes such a thing possible. This can easily be seen in Talking Tom Cat app for Android, a very impressive smart phone application.

Treat him like your pet

Tom is a cat that you will be able to see rendered in beautiful detail. Although no replacement for the real thing, he is as close as the electronic world has been able to come so far. If you have a pet that you’d like to do things with, you can have a lot of fun by playing with Talking Tom Cat app for Android. You can touch him and the interface will actually cause him to respond to that touch. You can get him to repeat the things that you say in a funny voice that will have you rolling on the floor and laughing for real. You can pet him, you can poke him and you can even grab his tail, all of which are actions that will create unique and interesting responses from Tom. There are simply so many different things that you can do with this cat that it definitely does make sense for you to download Talking Tom Cat Android app and have a lot of fun with it.

Talking Tom Cat App for Android

Extra features in the paid version

The free version brings you a lot with Android Talking Tom Cat app, but it is supported by ads and does not have the full range of features. If you upgrade to the full version, you can get those features removed and you can even go right ahead and get extra things like access to musical percussion instruments, the ability to feed your cat, the ability to get them to play with birds and even some not so nice sounding bodily functions that might be highly amusing to the right person.

Final Score

Talking Tom Cat app for Android is another interesting foray into the world of virtual reality and it is something that really gives people the chance to do things in a way that is cheap and fun. It is a good combination and that is why we have given Talking Tom Cat Android app a final score of 9 out of 10.

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