Keep up to speed with current events in Argentina with La Nacion App for BlackBerry

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. The main appeal of the BlackBerry for the international audience is the fact that it really is an international product. The two main rivals, the iPhone and the Android, both were created in the United States and it is plainly evident from the way that they are marketed that those phones are aimed primarily at people within the US market. There is nothing wrong with this, but neither is there anything wrong with people outside the US preferring the international flavor of hardware and applications that come with the BlackBerry device. A good example of this is La Nacion app for BlackBerry.

Argentina’s news at your fingertips

La Nacion BlackBerry app is a Spanish language app that is aimed at giving people the chance to quickly and easily get access to any of the news and views from the country of Argentina that they want. Argentina is one of the world’s emerging powers and because of that there are many people that pay attention to this country, especially in the areas of economics and politics. If you are one of those people, you can quickly and easily get all of the information that you need to make decisions by taking a look at La Nacion BlackBerry application.

La Nacion App for BlackBerry

Argentina’s look at the rest of the world

What do the mainstream media outlets in Argentina think about events that are affecting the rest of the world? For some people, this is a very serious question because the reaction of the media to things like economic downturns in other countries could very well influence their decision making processes. If you are interested in news from around the world through the lens of the Argentinean journalist, La Nacion app for BlackBerry is definitely one application that you can use to gain access to that pool of information.

Final Score

In terms of basic content, there is no faulting La Nacion app for BlackBerry. However, the lack of native English language translational matrices is something that does not really sit well with a lot of people, especially those from outside of Argentina that might be interested in looking through these stories. You can still easily use other software to translate and read the stories, but overall this app would be better with that functionality. Still, La Nacion BlackBerry app is good enough to get a final score of 7 out of 10 from this review.

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