Organize your life with lists with Lister App for BlackBerry

There are lots of people that rely heavily on lists for their own personal productivity. As a result, it is a very big surprise that there are so few list apps out there for the BlackBerry that are simple list creators and available for free. Lister app for BlackBerry is one of the few good ones.

Easy making and editing of lists

Lister BlackBerry app is a free mobile application that is focused on one thing only. That thing is the making of lists in a way that is convenient while at the same time still being useful for the average person. To achieve this goal, BlackBerry Lister app allows you to create items for a list without actually having to navigate through different BlackBerry menus. Due dates can even be added for lists and of course the checklist function can be used to help people keep track of the things that have been done and the things that still need to be done.

Lister App for BlackBerry

Creating lists is definitely easy, but editing them is even easier! There are easy hotkeys to learn and remember for things like moving between list items, editing list items, deleting list items and marking them as completed or incomplete and still needing attention. Once you’ve learned all of these hotkeys, you can make major adjustments to your lists in just a few seconds a pop.

Easy ordering and sharing

Ordering the lists on your BlackBerry device has been made extremely easy in the newest version of the software package. You can put them in alphabetical order or you can put them in order by the due dates that you have indicated. You can even start specific items from different lists with starred items going into a list of priority things that need to be resolved soon in one way or another. As a result, you can easily keep track of really important things that need to be done from multiple lists so that you can deal with those things first and then go on to working on the non-priority list that meets your standards the best.

Final Score

Lister app for BlackBerry is a great app that will make your life so much easier to deal with if you use it to its fullest potential. It is a great example of what a free app can accomplish if the coding is focused and precise. Our final score for Lister BlackBerry app is 10 out of 10.

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