Have fun mastering the waves with Waterslide Extreme App for iPhone

Dare Digital Limited is a company that is known for some good products, but the free realism represented by Waterslide Extreme iPhone game app is really hard for the average person to ignore. It is just such a well done game that one has to take their hat off and tip it to the makers so that they know that other people have noticed the good job they do.

Start at the top and race to the bottom

As the name of the game implies, Waterslide Extreme app for iPhone will give you the chance to start at the top of the heap and then race your way down to the bottom. You will use the iPhone’s ability to tilt and rotate as a means for controlling your descent and if you are able to do it correctly you will end up getting from the top to the bottom without wiping out. If you can do it faster and without losing the lives that you are given, you will get the highest score. Even if you end up wiping out and/or running out of luck though, you do have other lives that you can use and therefore just about everyone that plays this game regardless of the actual level of starting skill will get a fair chance to get from the top to the bottom and therefore fulfill the primary purpose of Waterslide Extreme iPhone game.

Waterslide Extreme App for iPhone
Amazing realism with graphical quality to boot

Waterslide Extreme iPhone app is not an amazingly complicated app to think about, but then that is not particularly surprising when you take into account the fact that it is free. What is amazing and surprising at the same time is the level of realism that can be derived from iPhone Waterslide Extreme game app. The graphics are of a high quality and the first person experience on descending down the chute will show you once and for all just how realistic this game can feel when you really get into the action.

Final Score

Waterslide Extreme app for iPhone is an extremely fun application that you can download and play for free. It won’t be the primary game or lynchpin of your particular iPhone gaming collection, but the price is right and the fun is real. Our final score for Waterslide Extreme iPhone app is 8 out of 10.

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