Own the oceans with Pacific Wings App for Android

Sprakelsoft is an interesting software development company that seems to be addicted to creating Android freeware versions of some of the most epic games of the past. Pacific Wings app for Android is an example of one such game.

Bring the past into the present

Anyone that played 1942 will recognize that game in this recreation. Although the two are not exactly alike, there can be no denying the fact that the epic nature of those games has come through loud and clear into the present with Pacific Wings Android game app. Whether you played it on a console or you played it in the arcade, Pacific Wings Android mobile application will give you the chance to experience those amazing things all over again.

Pacific Wings Game App for Android

Simple controls with options

Some of the other games made by Sprakelsoft have done a good job of staying true to the originals in terms of complete strategy and tactics from relatively simple controls. Pacific Wings app for Android is no exception to this rule, but it seems to take it further by giving you three distinct ways of control that you can switch between according to a settings menu that can easily be accessed.

If you would like to make use of the touch screen interface on the Android, Pacific Wings game will give you the chance to control your ship with that methodology. However, you can also default to using trackballs or directional pads if you would prefer to do something like that instead. The Android comes with so many different ways for controlling things in games that when a game like Pacific Wings comes along and only needs a few of them, redundant controls are very easy to program into the overall design of the Android app in question.

Final Score

Pacific Wings app for Android is by no means an easy game to get through, but it is also by no means a game that is without fun. It is one of the most fun games around to play and it will also be a game that will drive you to the very tip of your nostalgia when you remember those simpler times of nothing but hardcore gaming action. Pacific Wings for the Android has given you those amazing chances to go back to that time and now it is up to you to step up to the plate and take them. Our final score for Pacific Wings Android app is 8 out of 10.

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