Play for nostalgia with Tetris app for Android

Tetris app for Android is a throwback game with a lot of different things to offer the average person. It is in fact the main reason that Tetris Android app game has become so popular for people that are looking for an easy and free download for their Android devices.

Nostalgia for the old

Android Tetris application is a game that comes from a period of time when games were a lot less involved than they are now. For a game like this to continue to do well, it definitely needs to touch the hearts of the first generation of people to play it. From the great music that has become a staple of recognition in today’s online community to the fun game play and seemingly endless array of levels, Tetris is a game that has managed to do this. Tetris Android app preserves the game perfectly and that means that the older group of games with Android devices will be able to go back to their childhood and play this game right on their ultramodern handheld mobile device.

Tetris game app for Android

Fun for the new

Tetris for Android is a game that has not only survived on the back of a strong showing of support from the fan based community, but it is also a game that has really expanded its viewership over the years by being a paragon of competitive spirit. Tetris is actually a relatively hard game to play and in today’s era of cookie-cutter games that all seem to go blithely from point A to point B with little or no challenge involved, this game is a breath of fresh air in an industry that seems to need something along those lines quite a bit. The fact that there are so many young players flocking to games like Tetris is proof of this fact and because of that Game Box deserves a lot of credit for keeping Tetris app for Android true to the original and appealing to older and newer gamers alike with that move.

Final Score

Tetris app for Android is a solid game with great options, a good homage and an overall sense of worth that far exceeds the free price tag that has been attached to this particular download. For that reason, we have decided to give Tetris Android app game a final score of 8 out of 10 with a download recommendation if you’d like to try it out.

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