Read great stories from the good book with Bible Stories App for iPhone

The Bible is one of the oldest and most popular pieces of literature that you will find in the world today. It is a great book with some good stories in it and there are many iPhone users that would definitely appreciate getting the chance to read some of these stories. What makes Bible Stories app for iPhone from BeamItDown Software so good however is the fact that it uses the iFlow Reader, one of the most innovative literature delivery methods that have been developed to date.

The innovative delivery method

The iFlow Reader has been profiled many times across the internet as being an exceptionally good way to deliver text given the confines of the iPhone’s hardware profile. As a result of that, Bible Stories iPhone app can also make use of this system to get you the text that you want when you want it.

Bible Stories app for iPhone

The way this works is through scrolling movement rather than page turning movement. The iFlow Reader is like a teleprompter for books that will give you the chance to truly appreciate this scrolling movement, saving both your eyes and your concentration as you simply tip the iPhone at the rate you want the scrolling to take place. After a few minutes of using this software, it will become second nature to you.

Lots of good stories

Not only does Bible Stories app for iPhone bring its great technology to bear on the good book, but it also has some of the better stories from the Bible available for people to read. Stories like Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Abraham and Isaac, Moses, David, Jesus and others are all included in Bible Stories iPhone application, giving people the chance to read through it and feel the joy of the bible emanate into their own spirit.

Final Score

Whether you are someone that is devoutly Christian or someone that is curious about what actually is contained within the Bible, iPhone Bible Stories app will give you the chance to see for yourself what is actually in the book. This makes it an ideal app for just about anyone interested in reading the Bible and that means that you can appreciate it no matter who you are. Our final score for Bible Stories iPhone app is 10 out of 10 with a recommendation for anyone that wants to read these stories.

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