Say welcome to thank you with Tesco Clubcard App for BlackBerry

The Clubcard is of course the loyalty program from Tesco and it is ostensibly their way of thanking the people that shop with them. If you are interested in making this program your own, it is important to note that your BlackBerry device could easily help you accomplish that task by using the Tesco Clubcard BlackBerry app.

The rewards program on your mobile

The entirety of the Tesco Clubcard programme is now available on your BlackBerry device. As you begin to spend money, you earn points at the rate of two points per pound spent on an item that counts towards the programme. Every 100 points is converted to a pound which you can then spend on qualifying items either at Tesco stores or online. It is the quintessential loyalty programme for people that really value this store and just about everything that you have in this program can now be controlled from your BlackBerry device using Tesco Clubcard app for BlackBerry.

Tesco Clubcard App for BlackBerry

Get an account and use the card

The Tesco account will give you the chance to use the BlackBerry as your Clubcard. You need an account first in order to make this work, but once you have that account you can go right ahead and scan whatever you need in order to get whatever you want.

The way this works is through the barcode recognition abilities of the BlackBerry device. Your Clubcard essentially becomes a virtual card on the BlackBerry and that means that you can carry it around with you wherever you go. Since it is far less likely that you will leave your BlackBerry at home as opposed to leaving your card at home, you never have to be afraid of potentially losing out on points simply because you did not have the card with you at the appropriate time.

Final Score

Although Tesco Clubcard app for BlackBerry is a great advance on the part of this particular corporation, it does need to get better before truly becoming elite. Right now, you need to have a Clubcard in physical presence for anything but a scanner facing the customer with someone there to operate the thing on its own. Once they have expanded the BlackBerry application’s functionality to everything, it will be truly great and indeed there is no reason to think that day is far off. For now though, we have decided to give the Tesco Clubcard BlackBerry app a final score of 7 out of 10.

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  1. checkout the complete tesco blackberry app on app world which includes barcode scanning functionality. I found it yesterday its called basket.

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