Slicing can be addictive with Slice It app for Android

Who knew that slicing could be so addictive? It may not have been well known at the time, but certainly the Com2uS developer that created Slice It app for Android had an inkling of this when they were developing their game. It may be relatively simple, but it is certainly addictive because of the high level of fun involved in the game.

Puzzle for fun

Slice It Android app is a game that comes with a lot of puzzles attached to it. This will give people the chance to take a figure and then slice it according to the conditions that appear at the start of the level. Usually the goal will be to slice it such that the same surface area is present on both sides after the slice and there is where the difficulty in this game comes in. Some of the patterns involved can be quite challenging, so whether you love slicing games or whether you love just going ahead and using the slicing mechanic that comes with Slice It app for Android, you should do very well at recognizing and appreciating everything that Android Slice It game app has to offer.

Slice It Game app for Android

Lots of stages and lots of languages

One thing that makes Slice It app for Android such an appealing app is the fact that it actually comes with many different things included. There are already 120 different levels available in this game with more levels being added all the time. There are hints that you can derive from the different levels and those hints can come in any one of a number of different languages like English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Japanese. Lots of people can easily and readily enjoy the fun that this game has to offer and that makes it one of the more inclusive games currently available on the market.

Final Score

Slice It app for Android is a game that can appeal to multiple communities. The puzzle aspect of this game will delight people that like to have a little bit of thinking involved in their games. The slicing aspect will thrill just about everyone else. No matter who you are, you can probably have a lot of fun playing this game and that fact along might be the one that makes it worth a download and a tryout. All things considered, we have decided to give Slice It Android app a final score of 7 out of 10.

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