SmartDating Super Cool Free iPhone Dating App

SmartDating New Cool &  Free iPhone Dating App

So most dating apps or online dating sites, they are pretty passive, they are there for you to do all of the work, but SmartDating is way different. This app actually finds people that are interested in dating and pinpoints them on a map for you with geo-location finding services.  This type of service is also known as proxidating or proximity dating.

SmartDating® lets you turn the service on or off whenever you want.  When it is on, it lets other Smart Daters know that you are interested in meeting people.  It also lets you know if anyone is in the area that is looking to date.  So, if you are at the grocery store or walking around the mall or college campus and are single, turn the service on and you may end up finding love.

Where’s My Dozen Roses??

VisionSync thought of everything when they were designing SmartDating®. The app even comes with a service that lets you send flowers and gifts to someone that you are interested in. These aren’t virtual gifts either (although you can send a virtual gift) these are delivered by messenger.  It is really a smart service because you never see the senders address or any information, but they get a note with a message you come up with along with your username.  It adds a whole new aspect to online dating that has been missing up until now, this new cool feature is still pending but should be on next version i was told .

Features for SmartDating®

·       Add Photos and Video with Ease

·       Integrates with Facebook and Social Connect

·       Automatically Store Search Preferences

·       Add Your Favorite Smart Daters to a Smart List or Hot List

·       Location Targeted Dating, Proxidating

SmartDating® Wish I Thought of it

It’s really a simple idea, put everything together that will help people date into one app and there you have it, SmartDating®. One of the features that is really cool is looking at video profiles instead of just pics.  You can get a better read on a person that puts a video up.  You can still put a pic, but if you have access to a digital recorder then you will probably get a better response.  If you have ever used a dating site, you’ll know that people with no pic get passed over every single time.  Now, with video, people with just pics might not have the same opportunities as those with video.  It is mostly just a matter of preference though.

The second really cool thing that SmartDating® did was to link up to Facebook and Social Connect on Facebook.  This tie in to huge social networks makes this dating app one of the biggest dating pools out there.  Not only do you have the fans of Facebook, but you also have members that signed up with the hugely popular Social Connect service.  It’s also nice that you aren’t charged a single dime for registering on any of these services.  Totally free dating, that’s a smart choice by the VisionSnc developers.

If you have been waiting for online dating to catch up to technology, then wait no more.  SmartDating® has really brought an innovative app to the dating world and will be the standard that others will have to beat from now on in dating apps.

High Marks for SmartDating®

7/7, it’s our highest mark here and SmartDating® totally deserves it for their incredible effort in making the best dating app we have ever seen.  If you are dating now or thinking about finding someone new, I’d say download this app and give it a solid chance.  It has so many more features than most other dating apps and it really opens up a lot of new dating opportunities.

It’s not just all the amazing features either, sure there’s a really cool wink list, send charms and messages, but it really has a good look and feel.  If you’ve been down about your luck with the ladies or guys, SmartDating® will cheer you up just looking at it.  It inspires hope, because there are so many smart daters out there.  Well, spread the word.  The more daters that know about this app, then the more people you have a chance to meet with the app.  The app is for the iPhone right now, but we are hoping to see it ported over to the Android at some point.


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