Five Mobile Apps for Travel

Five Mobile Apps for Travel

There are a few mobile apps that everyone should have on their iPhone if they travel either locally or abroad. Travel focused apps are great for a number of purposes, but are especially useful just to not have to ask a complete stranger to have to give directions. Check out the following iPhone Mobile apps and make sure to have them loaded when you need them:

London Tube Deluxe iPhone AppLondon Tube Deluxe – very useful mobile app that gives a closer look at the Tube. It makes for an excellent app simply because it can help to avoid delays.

AA Route Planner – turn by turn directions for plotting the most efficient drive.

UK Train Times – a brilliant planning tool to help in making it from station A to station B. A very useful app for those that take advantage of the train system. Get train info ahead of other riders and you can completely avoid any nonsense with large mobs of people.

Google Translate – when we first started using this app, the first thing that came to our mind was a universal translator from Star Trek. Google translate is still being updated to work with other languages other than just Spanish and English.

FlightTrack – gives the mobile app user insight into real time information about their plane. Great features include syncing up with calendars and getting airplane confirmations in the email.

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  1. Also check out RoadsideUK a GPS-based travel app which takes the road less travelled to discover the UK’s Curious and Obscure roadside attractions.

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