Fruit Ninja Free For Android

The original fruit slicing game, Fruit Ninja, is now available on Android!  This smash hit has taken the world by storm and promises to provide you with lasting entertainment on your phone.  It’s a non-violent (unless you’re an apple, kiwi, or watermelon) action game that lets you unleash your full Ninja potential on fruit that is launched into view and challenges you to make it to the top of the charts.

As you play, you are sure to be thrilled with the vibrant colors, and realistic animation that brings a feeling of authenticity as you slice your way through flying fruit.  This app has been designed to be easy to navigate, so you can spend more time slicing and dicing, and less time figuring out how to find things.

Gaming Modes:

With three modes to choose from, the gameplay of Fruit Ninja keeps users coming back for more.  Of course, Classic and Zen modes are included in this app, but the new Arcade mode has introduce a whole new challenge for your ninja skills.  This previously elusive “banana mode” introduces a variety of power-ups that offer a whole new dynamic to your gaming experience.  By slicing the bananas that activate one of the three power-ups you can quickly send your score straight through the roof!

Of course, Fruit Ninja still incorporates a bonus for slicing multiple pieces of fruit in a single, slicing move and  critical hits will further boost your score.  In some of the modes, you’ll be forced to watch out for those tricky bombs, and be extra careful not to let a single piece of fruit evade your blades in order to beat your friends’ high scores.  Fruit Ninja is the type of game that provides an experience that can be played over and over again for the ultimate gaming enjoyment.

Choose From Numerous Styles:

Fruit Ninja offers a section called “Dojo” which provides users with a variety of backgrounds and visually pleasing blades which must be earned.  As your ninja skills improve, you’ll be able to make your fruit slicing experience more unique and unlock a number of achievements that will make you the envy of all of your fellow fruit ninjas.  The online leaderboards, which operate through Openfeint, keep the competition rich with current scores and records that are just begging to be beat!

Other Info:

Fruit Ninja on Android (version requires Android 2.1 and up.  It’s an arcade/action game that has received a “low maturity” rating, because you’re mercilessly slicing up a variety of fruits.  So, your kids should have no trouble enjoying this app as well, IF they ever get a turn to hone their ninja skills.

The Fruit Ninja app is free, and readily available for user download from most app sites


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