Tiny Flashlight Android App Review

Now your Android phone can be more than a phone!  Tiny Flashlight for Android gives you a way to turn your phone into a flashlight with a couple of taps on your screen.  Using your phone to help light a dark hallway, or to find your keys has become very popular over the last few years.  But with Tiny Flashlight Android, you can really reap the benefits of having a powerful light source without needing to purchase a thing.

The light emitted from your phone with the help of Tiny Flashlight is designed to be very bright.  In fact, the camera flashlight provided by the app is one of the brightest available, and can light your way in total darkness.

A Variety Of Light Features

Utilizing your Android’s camera flash is not all that this app can do.  You can also use your screen in a variety of different ways.  The basic screen light transforms the entire screen of your Android device into a brightly glowing flashlight.  This proves to be exceptionally handy for users that don’t have camera flash on their phone, or are trying to preserve battery life.

You can also select a color flashlight that can be customized by sliding the picture to affect the hue and brightness.  A strobe light, warning lights, and even morse code are also available with Tiny Flashlight and can all be very useful in a number of different circumstances.

What if you don’t know morse code?  Tiny Flashlight Android has got you covered!  The morse code light can be used manually, or you can use the text-to-morse feature which will translate your entered text into clear morse patterns that can be repeated as needed.  If you regularly enjoy outdoor adventures, this particular feature could prove to be very useful if you encounter a problem or are injured.


Obviously, there are some real benefits to adding Tiny Flashlight to your set of Android apps.  It’s designed to be reliable, effective, and useful, without confusing users or demanding a bunch of money.  You don’t have to worry about forgetting it, because as long as you have your phone with you, you’ll have Tiny Flashlight.

You never know when your power is going to go out, or you’ll be stuck outdoors.  Having the different warning and communicative lights that Tiny Flashlight provides could make a big difference in the right situation.

About This App

Tiny Flashlight Android is easily worth 4 stars, and current users agree.  It is not age sensitive due to any questionable content, and is completely free to download.

Size, version, and system requirements will vary by device.

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