Babysitting For Android

Do you have a child that enjoys babysitting or would like to learn how?  Would you like a way to help teach your current babysitter of the best ways to take care of your children?  Any time you leave your kids in the hands of a caretaker, you may feel nervous about the care they receive.  This app is a fun new way to teach kids the correct things to do when babysitting while giving them the feeling of playing a game.  Players learn essential steps to caring for children while also completing tasks and levels that award them points in the game.


The object of the game is to keep the children happy until the parents get home.  In order to do this, the needs of all the children must be met.  Players can take their cues from the children in order to determine what things they need to be kept happy.  Below are some examples of tasks the babysitter may be asked to perform:

  • feeding a baby
  • changing a diaper
  • putting the kids to bed
  • turning on the TV
  • playing a game with the kids


These are just a few examples of the many options available to keep the kids happy and content until their parents return home and ensuring that the babysitter completes her job the right way.  In order to complete the game successfully, the parents must be happy with the job the babysitter has done and the kids must be under control!


In the app, the babysitter must move quickly and ensure that the needs of all the children are met within a certain amount of time.  He or she must hurry in order to avoid making the children cry!  Each child will have a bubble listing their problem, and the babysitter must do some creative thinking of her own to come up with a possible solution.


Using this app is a great way to teach young adults the benefits and responsibilities associated with babysitting.  Teaching them how to earn money while taking care of the neighbor’s children is a central aspect of this game.  Your kids will not just be wasting time when they are playing games – they will be learning essential skills necessary to take care of children they are watching, and also learning how to earn their own money.


This app requires version 1.6 of Android or newer.  Previous customers have given this app a 4 out of 5 star rating.  If your child enjoys babysitting and wants to improve their skills, this is a great app to help them learn valuable information.





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