Bingo Vegas Review – A Virtual Vegas Game Room for iOS Devices (iOS 4.3 and Up)

Who says bingo is a game for the elderly? Not if you have a Bingo Vegas app installed in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device. Historically, bingo was originally a form of Italian lottery game and was introduced in the US during the Great Depression. It became so popular that toy manufacturers developed bingo into a board game, so families can play just for fun. Later on, Vegas casinos commercialized bingo by creating halls specifically for this purpose; while the advent of the Internet brought the online casino bingo games into homes. Today, mobile device applications have made it possible for everyone to experience casino-style bingo games purely for fun and recreation. In fact, it’s one of the most popular free Apple app being downloaded today.


Play Bingo the Vegas-Way

Bingo Vegas’ game mechanics is just like any other bingo session being played in the U.S. that uses a 5×5 card for a 75-ball game. The app starts by furnishing the player with some gold coins, gems and dollar bucks that a player can use for buying bingo cards and for betting. The card can be marked by simply tapping on the card number that matches the number generated by the application. The numbers called in an ongoing game are shown on the screen so a player can check the accuracy of his or her markings before tapping on the “Claim Bingo” button. To make sure if a bingo has been achieved, the different patterns are likewise being flashed on the screen.

Buying more than one bingo card can increase your chances of winning, while an iPhone5 would be the best device for viewing multiple cards because its 4-inch screen has a better display capacity. Now in case a player has zero winnings most of the time and his stash of dollar bucks is running out, he or she still has the chance to earn additional money. The gems can be used for betting in the slot machine; the more gems placed as bet, the more gold coins to spare and to use in buying power ups.

Power ups, on the other hand, will increase a player’s chances of winning. If you’re having a hard time keeping track of several cards, a useful power up is a daub or ink marker that will automatically light up the called numbers that appear in your bingo card. You can also use power ups to unlock a particular casino room so you can play in a room that pays more dollar bucks for a win, although the cost of one card is much higher.

A great way to enjoy the game is to play online with your family and friends. If you’ll be joining as a group, you can check out the board that shows how many bingo games are remaining in the virtual room, and how many players are in it. Now you can make your traditional family gatherings livelier, by taking your bingo games to a whole new level. Family members using iOS devices running on version 4.3 or up can easily add the Bingo Vegas application, since it’s an Apple app that they can download for free.

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