PocketMoney Mobile Apps for iPhone

PocketMoney Mobile Apps for iPhone

PocketMoney is the fastest and easiest way to keep track of all of your financial obligations in one easy-to-use application. No more dealing with using a full-size laptop or pc just to balance your checkbook. You can list purchases and deposits for multiple accounts and can throw away those paper receipts; just enter it into the program and you’re good to go.

PocketMoney iPhone app

Set Budgets

You can also set budgets, making vacation travel much easier, and set up automatic payments so you don’t need to remember to deduct you mortgage or car payment every month. You can also sync all of this information with your desktop or iPad to monitor or change on your home computer, or even just to backup the information, which is a huge bonus.

Create Pie Charts

You can also create pie charts or bar graphs to get a more visual interpretation of your spending, and many of the options are completely customizable with various colors and themes available.


Mobile Dating Apps and Kissing Frogs

Mobile Dating Apps and Kissing Frogs

There’s a saying out there about having to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Well, ladies, let’s be honest – there are some frogs you just don’t want to kiss.

Dating Apps Kissing a Frog

Online Dating Mobile Apps

A lot of dating mistakes can now be completely avoided using mobile dating apps.  A user of a mobile dating app can thin through the numbers of suitors to find the right one, sometimes just by paying careful attention to what is said in their personal profiles on the dating app.  Some dating advice still couldn’t hurt though, so if you are still looking for the right one using a mobile dating app, perhaps the following tips can help you out in your kissing of the frogs.

You certainly don’t want the frog who keeps jumping from lily pad to lily pad, visiting all the other female frogs. This frog may be so charming and treat you like the princess you are that you believe he will be your prince. You believe his excuses, but soon enough, the truth will come out. Push him off your pad. He will give you nothing but warts.

How about the body-builder frog? You know, the frog who has to flex his muscles every time he sees himself in the water? He probably has capped teeth and a fake tan, too. More than likely, he only has enough room for his own ego. If you take a solid third place to his time at the gym, you may want to try another frog.

Then there’s the mamma’s little froggie. Is he still living at momma’s? Not necessarily a bad thing. Does he have to be home every night to have dinner with momma? The warning bells should be ringing loud and clear on this one. Next frog, please!

How about the frog who always is catching flies? Work, work, work. He may have a fancy pad, but if all he knows is work, will he have time for a real relationship? You may have to give this one some time, but if you find he is unable to balance his life – move on to the next one.


Five Mobile Apps for Travel

Five Mobile Apps for Travel

There are a few mobile apps that everyone should have on their iPhone if they travel either locally or abroad. Travel focused apps are great for a number of purposes, but are especially useful just to not have to ask a complete stranger to have to give directions. Check out the following iPhone Mobile apps and make sure to have them loaded when you need them:

London Tube Deluxe iPhone AppLondon Tube Deluxe – very useful mobile app that gives a closer look at the Tube. It makes for an excellent app simply because it can help to avoid delays.

AA Route Planner – turn by turn directions for plotting the most efficient drive.

UK Train Times – a brilliant planning tool to help in making it from station A to station B. A very useful app for those that take advantage of the train system. Get train info ahead of other riders and you can completely avoid any nonsense with large mobs of people.

Google Translate – when we first started using this app, the first thing that came to our mind was a universal translator from Star Trek. Google translate is still being updated to work with other languages other than just Spanish and English.

FlightTrack – gives the mobile app user insight into real time information about their plane. Great features include syncing up with calendars and getting airplane confirmations in the email.


Mobile Apps for the Non-Technical App User

Mobile Apps for the Non-Technical App User

One might think that apps are merely designed for the game enthusiast, time wasters or even just finding something on a map, but there is so much more to offer from apps and for those that are not gamers or highly technical, here is a decent list of great apps that you might be interested in.

Travel Deluxe is great if you get around with public transport or want to find a new spot in London.
Task Pro is a helpful app that gives you an easy to use to do list.
Met Office Weather App is one of the more accurate weather smartphone apps and is great to help you plan ahead.
NoteMaster is a smart app that lets you jot down notes for later and even synchronizes with Google Documents.
Due is an app that is helpful to remind you about bills and such.
HanDBase gives you a way to protect any sensitive information on your mobile.

There are plenty of apps on the market that aren’t just for the gamer and if you are starting out with a fresh mobile, have never used a mobile or are looking to update your apps list, then here are a few more apps that you might find very useful:

Smart Tools gives you a number of tools that can be used for measurements.  Very handy for photography.
TeslaLED an improved torch app over the one that normally comes with the installed tool set.
HandyCalc is a terrific app for conversions and doing simple calculations.

You can also check out the following apps which you may or may not want to download depending upon your preferences:

Petrol Finder
National Trust
London Cycle
AA Parking
TV Guide

There’s a great number of apps out there and for the most part you will find that they are completely free.  Some may offer you a free trial that is unlimited use but has limited features. We often don’t recommend that people use these as they are merely an advertisement and more often just get deleted than upgraded.