SmartDating Super Cool Free iPhone Dating App

SmartDating New Cool &  Free iPhone Dating App

So most dating apps or online dating sites, they are pretty passive, they are there for you to do all of the work, but SmartDating is way different. This app actually finds people that are interested in dating and pinpoints them on a map for you with geo-location finding services.  This type of service is also known as proxidating or proximity dating.

SmartDating® lets you turn the service on or off whenever you want.  When it is on, it lets other Smart Daters know that you are interested in meeting people.  It also lets you know if anyone is in the area that is looking to date.  So, if you are at the grocery store or walking around the mall or college campus and are single, turn the service on and you may end up finding love.

Where’s My Dozen Roses??

VisionSync thought of everything when they were designing SmartDating®. The app even comes with a service that lets you send flowers and gifts to someone that you are interested in. These aren’t virtual gifts either (although you can send a virtual gift) these are delivered by messenger.  It is really a smart service because you never see the senders address or any information, but they get a note with a message you come up with along with your username.  It adds a whole new aspect to online dating that has been missing up until now, this new cool feature is still pending but should be on next version i was told .

Features for SmartDating®

·       Add Photos and Video with Ease

·       Integrates with Facebook and Social Connect

·       Automatically Store Search Preferences

·       Add Your Favorite Smart Daters to a Smart List or Hot List

·       Location Targeted Dating, Proxidating

SmartDating® Wish I Thought of it

It’s really a simple idea, put everything together that will help people date into one app and there you have it, SmartDating®. One of the features that is really cool is looking at video profiles instead of just pics.  You can get a better read on a person that puts a video up.  You can still put a pic, but if you have access to a digital recorder then you will probably get a better response.  If you have ever used a dating site, you’ll know that people with no pic get passed over every single time.  Now, with video, people with just pics might not have the same opportunities as those with video.  It is mostly just a matter of preference though.

The second really cool thing that SmartDating® did was to link up to Facebook and Social Connect on Facebook.  This tie in to huge social networks makes this dating app one of the biggest dating pools out there.  Not only do you have the fans of Facebook, but you also have members that signed up with the hugely popular Social Connect service.  It’s also nice that you aren’t charged a single dime for registering on any of these services.  Totally free dating, that’s a smart choice by the VisionSnc developers.

If you have been waiting for online dating to catch up to technology, then wait no more.  SmartDating® has really brought an innovative app to the dating world and will be the standard that others will have to beat from now on in dating apps.

High Marks for SmartDating®

7/7, it’s our highest mark here and SmartDating® totally deserves it for their incredible effort in making the best dating app we have ever seen.  If you are dating now or thinking about finding someone new, I’d say download this app and give it a solid chance.  It has so many more features than most other dating apps and it really opens up a lot of new dating opportunities.

It’s not just all the amazing features either, sure there’s a really cool wink list, send charms and messages, but it really has a good look and feel.  If you’ve been down about your luck with the ladies or guys, SmartDating® will cheer you up just looking at it.  It inspires hope, because there are so many smart daters out there.  Well, spread the word.  The more daters that know about this app, then the more people you have a chance to meet with the app.  The app is for the iPhone right now, but we are hoping to see it ported over to the Android at some point.



Keep your emotions in line with Stress Check app for iPhone

Whether you are a person that enjoys your job immensely or a person that really feels the need to get out and do something else, Stress Check app for iPhone is a great app that can give you the freedom to deal with the problems that you have.

Recognize the problems

As they say in most of the addiction focus groups, recognition of a problem is half the battle of fighting it. This is very true with stress problems as well. In order to fight those problems, you really need to recognize the fact that you have them in the first place. If you can recognize this fact, you can then begin to go ahead and start doing the things that will help deliver you from this particular problem.

Stress Check app for iPhone

Stress Check iPhone app will provide the tools that you need in order to start diagnosing the problems that you have. Their stress test is based on actual research into the causes of stress and therefore it can give you an accurate summary of what your stress level might be based on the actual answers you give to the questions. This test is quite new and exciting and that makes it ideal for most people to consider.

Defeat the problems

Now that you have used Stress Check app for iPhone to accurately diagnose the problems that you have, it is an iPhone app that can also help you defeat that problem or at the very least hold it at bay.

iPhone Stress Check application comes with different abilities like the office yoga series of videos that will help you relax and keep the sources of stress away from your mind even if it is only for a few minutes. The same is true for their meditation exercises, also intended to successfully help you resolve your stress problems.

Final Score

Although Stress Check app for iPhone will give you the chance to keep your emotions in line for free, there are some in-app purchases that you can make as well in order to make the experience that much better. No matter how you slice it though, Stress Check for the iPhone is a great app that can give you a great experience. Our final score for Stress Check iPhone app is 10 out of 10 with a download recommendation for anyone that is interested in seeing if they have a stress problem.


Build your dreams for the future with Jobs App for iPhone

Career Builder is a well known name in the United States because it can quite legitimately lay claim to the title of being the largest job site across the national world. As a result of this, many people have been able to start better lives specifically because of the dreams they have built for the future. Jobs app for iPhone is an interesting app that will definitely give you the chance to do this as well.

Built for the iPhone

The Jobs iPhone app is built specifically with the iPhone in mind. That means it will take advantage of all of the different aspects of the iPhone in order to make sure that your own experience is as good as it can possibly be.

Jobs App for iPhone

Are you interested in finding the jobs that are located near your current area? iPhone Jobs app can help you accomplish that goal simply because of the fact that the iPhone has GPS and you can therefore take a look at your current location versus the locations of the jobs indicated in the various postings.

The iPhone is also very good at syncing and it is in that particular vein that Jobs iPhone application can be made better. You can take this app and synchronize it with your Career Builder account so that even if you do not make all of your changes directly on the iPhone, you will find out quite quickly that the iPhone has accepted those changes and they will appear on your Jobs app as if you did make them.

Career Builder on the iPhone

The main strength of Jobs app for iPhone is the fact that you can use Career Builder on your iPhone. With millions of jobs available from some of the best companies around, building your dreams for the future with Jobs iPhone mobile application is definitely something that you can make easier and more convenient when you use Jobs iPhone app.

Final Score

The iPhone is really only around to make life convenient for people. If it is not doing that then there is really no point in having it around. App developers that understand this have a lot to offer to the average person and the free Career Builder app discussed here definitely falls into that category. Our final score for Jobs iPhone app is 10 out of 10.


Keep the addiction going with Free Word Warp app for iPhone

For people that are interested in word jumble type games, the Free Word Warp app for iPhone is probably one of the best ones that they could download. There are many other similar apps available for the iPhone, but the combination of a full list of features and a free price tag is one that really makes this one worth closer consideration.

Use the letters to make the words

Free Word Warp iPhone app is essentially the same thing as Text Twist in the areas of the game that really matter. Just like with that game, you are given a set of letters and your goal is to put together as many different words as possible formed from the different combinations of those letters.

Free Word Warp app for iPhone

Just like with the other game, Free Word Warp app for iPhone will include words on the list with varying letter sizes and lengths. That means that you will get the chance to put together many more words than you might otherwise think as getting a word from the list does not necessarily mean that you are going to have to use up all of the letters that you have.

Finally, iPhone Free Word Warp app also comes with the letter scrambling feature that you can use when stuck in order to rearrange the letters and then come up with other ideas based on the differing order of the letters. It is called the word Warp feature in this game, but you can rest assured that it is essentially the exact same feature that is being talked about in this particular context.

Final Score

Unlike Text Twist however, Free Word Warp app for iPhone actually comes with many ancillary features like different color themes and an overall better way of dealing with the advertisements that support the free version of the software. These things may not get a lot of credit in the grand scheme of things, but to someone on a tight budget that would like a good quality game for free, Free Word Warp iPhone application is definitely a game that has the potential to fill that required role. At the very least, its prowess makes it worth a try and once you’ve done that you can judge for yourself. Our final score for Free Word Warp iPhone app is 9 out of 10.